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Dear Sir or Madam:

     This is to inform you that effective from November 1, 2013 we moved to following new address:


New office address:


  Company name: Shenzhen Qimeng Toys Manufactory Co., Ltd.

   Address:  3/FL., No. 4166-3 Liwu, Liulian, Pingdi, 518116

                  Longgang, Shenzhen, China.

                  TEL86-755-89717891    FAX86-755-89903517



New Factory address:


  Factory Name: Qiyou Toys Manufactory

  Address: No. 1 Tangkou Village, Xinxu Town,516223

            Huiyang District,Huizhou City,Guangdong, China

            TEL: 86-752-3333877   FAX: 86-752-3333775

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